The best and brightest in advertising and marketing communications are now available to work on your business. Within your budget.

Top brand strategists, nationally-recognized media buyers, Emmy and Clio winning creatives, multi-million-dollar event planners, Fortune 500 research managers, primetime network-seasoned publicity pros, sought-after web site designers... in short, the stars.

We have on our roster the best talent in the ad business. Notice, the word is roster, not payroll. The pay doesn't start until your job begins. Which is why we can provide you the sophistication, resources and service of a big-dollar advertising agency without the big-dollar overhead.

We are The Collaboratory, Inc. - a collaborating laboratory. Collaborating because we form teams that work in unison with clients. Laboratory because the work we produce is always cutting edge, always fresh, one of a kind.

Based just north of Detroit, Michigan, in the heart of Automation Alley, we take a unique approach to B2B and B2C brand-based integrated advertising. The Collaboratory is uniquely qualified to provide an unprecedented level of consulting and production in print, public relations, broadcast, radio, TV and web development to our clients.

Whether you need to revamp your corporate identity or are looking for focus group research to facilitate launching a targeted campaign to businesses or consumers. Regardless of the media-consumer or trade advertising, PR, email, CD, DVD or online presentations, you will appreciate our measurable results. So will your bottom line.

At The Collaboratory, you never have to pay for dead weight. Never have to suffer mediocrity.

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